Nuo shi tai environmental protection science and technology (hubei) co., LTD. Is a steel structure roofing, wall ventilation and exhaust smoke of modern science and technology enterprises, is set research and development, production, manufacture, sales, construction and installation of ventilation equipment professional company, the company is located in hubei zhongxiang south lake development zone industrial park within the enterprise alliance, the company mainly production and management products: roof of monitor, monitor of the slope, the roof ventilator, thin smoke exhaust ventilator, triangle skylight, one word smoke skylights, arch type smoke skylights and other system products. Company production of all kinds of ventilation equipment is in accordance with the need of the market a variety of places ideal ventilation equipment, has the fire linkage, intelligent functions such as opening and closing.

Company to "quality first, service first" for the purpose, regardless of the products and services to achieve the highest standards, with its good reputation in the national regions, won the majority of the market and stable market share with high quality and good service won the praise of the market and the trust of users.