Unpowered fan is a kind of exhaust equipment based on chimney principle

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Unpowered ventilators (roof ventilators, natural ventilators, power free ventilators and turbine ventilators) are ventilating equipment installed on both sides of the roof ridge of the industrial plant. 24-hour power free energy can supplement sufficient outdoor fresh air, promote air circulation and convection in the plant, improve the working environment and protect the health of workers. Improve the work quality and efficiency, create more production benefits for the enterprise!
working principle : Unpowered ventilator 1 . It uses the principle of natural air convection , Move air in any parallel direction , Accelerate and change to a vertical air flow from bottom to top. two . It is a kind of equipment that uses the chimney effect produced by the combination of building and equipment to achieve indoor and outdoor ventilation.
Scope of application: large factories, warehouses, venues, livestock farms, business places, high-rise buildings, residential buildings, etc.
Features: zero cost operation for 24 hours, no need for personnel operation, light weight, special price of Weifang manufacturer supply: no power ventilator | The stainless steel roof exhaust fan has the advantages of environmental protection, no noise, long service life, easy and quick installation, wide applicability, unique round appearance (Taiji principle dissolves the force of horizontal push) and supporting structure, so as to ensure that the turbine can withstand the attack of typhoon. The unique variable angle pipe diameter is adopted, as long as it is within 0 ~ twenty-two . All kinds of light steel structure profiled plate roof and concrete roof of industrial plant with 5 inclination angle can be installed directly, and other slope and accessories can also be installed completely.
Advantages of unpowered ventilators
1. Strong corrosion-resistant, enjoy 10 years of quality assurance, high-quality fuselage, can withstand long-term wind and rain, can resist indoor corrosive gas erosion, excellent fully sealed low resistance bearing, durable, permanent lubrication, no maintenance.
2. The ventilator adopts fully enclosed bearing, free of lubrication. As the main shaft, No.5 Steel has strong corrosion resistance.