Unpowered centrifugal fan(H100-H900)

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Northstar unpowered centrifugal fans are designed to remove hot, humid and corrosive air from industrial and commercial buildings. Because the fan is driven by wind, so there is no operating cost, but it provides a more comfortable and cooler working environment for people.
Nuostai unpowered centrifugal fan is made of dustproof light material. Due to the light structure, only a very low starting torque of the sealed double row ball bearing type is required. Because it is installed outside the air flow, the bearing does not need to be maintained, and it hardly makes noise when working. The vertical wind blade has the characteristics of small starting torque with the wind edge. At the same time, it improves the ventilation through the larger "sail" area of each blade.
There are ten different throat sizes (from 100 mm to 900 mm) for customers to choose. Each throat size is not changed along the pipe throat axis, so as to maximize the extraction capacity of the fan with this diameter. Refer to the specification on the next page for the detailed dimensions of other parts.

The standard color is ground and polished. The color of the powder coating depends on the customer's special order.
test result
In the independent experiment, when the wind speed is 160 km / h and the rainfall is 200 mm / h, the fan can still operate normally. No damage or leakage.
No power fan series products can provide 10 years of quality assurance. For more information, please contact our authorized distributor.
Due to the unique design of variable angle base, the roof ventilator of norste can be adjusted to adapt to the chamber slope within 30 degrees. In areas prone to low pressure, consult your local Northstar distributor for the correct installation procedure for low pressure areas.
Note: 100 mm to 900 mm roof fans are only provided with turbine head, the supply of prefabricated and installed base depends on the special order of the user.
Parameters of Northstar unpowered centrifugal fan
External dimension table
Ventilation parameter table
Note: the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 10 ° C