The roof ventilator

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Roof ventilator is the first choice of ventilation equipment for factory roof. It is beautiful, light and fluent, with strong three-dimensional sense,. It has good waterproof effect, professional production and design, and its performance reflects the user's requirements. Its technical structure is compact, the resistance coefficient is less than, the ventilation and heat dissipation is fast, which is 20-30% shorter than the traditional skylight. It can make up for the shortcomings of the traditional skylight, such as not tight waterproof and insufficient air exchange. It can be used for electric and manual opening settings, with fire linkage device, rain sensing, wind sensing and other intelligent control System.
This product is widely used in animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, textile, building materials and other industries
★ Structure
1. Dimensions and parameters of ventilators
The ventilator load is light, the whole machine is transported to the site, installed on the roof ridge, waterproof performance is good, safe to use, suitable for all kinds of plants (according to the requirements of customers to design manual, electric opening and closing device).
Note: 1 . The data in this table are the reference values, and the standard values are subject to the actual products.
two . The control mode of the movable cover plate is manual and electric.
2. Exhaust reference value of roof ventilators
Company / Unite:M3 / H * Table 2
Note: the calculation conditions of the exhaust reference values listed above are as follows: the outdoor temperature is set at 20 ℃, the gravity acceleration is 9.8m/s2, the outdoor average wind speed is 1.2m/s, and the orifice flow coefficient is 0.85.
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