NST - streamlined high-capacity ventilator (monitor)

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Streamline shape, smooth lines, small wind resistance, high flow coefficient, very good ventilation and exhaust effect. Can be equipped with air valve control device (manual, electric control, electric remote control, fire linkage), smooth drainage, no hidden danger of rain leakage. Factory processing and prefabrication, spare parts for loan, by professional on-site installation. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial plants producing extreme heat and smoke.
1. Roof streamlined high capacity ventilator
The ventilator (air tower) is installed on the roof ridge. Due to the principle of hot air flow direction, the throat size is large and the exhaust effect is good. It is the ideal preferred product for high heat and high pollution natural dyeing ventilation. It can be used as daylighting type to increase indoor daylighting, heat preservation type, bird and insect proof net, manual control and fire linkage electric (remote control) control to adjust the exhaust air volume FRP anti-corrosion plate can be used for the production and installation of rain shield, peripheral plate and end plate in the workshop with high anti-corrosion requirements.

a. Open type
b. Open close type
Working principle and structure of high capacity ridge fan


2. Downslope streamlined high capacity ventilator (air tower)
The ventilator (air tower) is installed in the direction of the roof slope, and can be installed point by point or in large quantities according to the local heat and local exhaust demand of the plant. The foundation framework of the air tower below 2000mm can be directly made on the purlin without adding foundation steel. It can be used as thermal insulation type and daylighting type to increase the indoor daylighting. It can be equipped with bird proof and insect proof net, It can be controlled manually, and it can be controlled by fire linkage electric (remote control) to adjust the size of the exhaust air volume and to turn on and off the exhaust effect. In the workshop with high anti-corrosion requirements, the rain shield, peripheral plate and end plate can be produced and installed with FRP anti-corrosion plate.
a. Open type
b. Open close type
Shape and weight of NST streamlined ventilator
Streamline ventilator (gas tower) is composed of framework, peripheral plate, rain shield, gutter, drain tank, valve plate, deflector, flashing plate, electric or manual actuator.
The ventilator (air tower) adopts streamline structure, with the best internal and external air flow state, good wind pressure bearing capacity, small structure size and large flow coefficient. It is an ideal structure, and can be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the use environment (color steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, FRP, etc.).
According to the vent size, it can be divided into 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3M, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m and other specifications (non-standard design and manufacture can also be carried out according to the needs of users).

one . Wind load: 1200pa ; Snow load: 50kg / m2 ; Seismic grade: 7
two . Every meter of ventilator is a unit, which is composed of several units.
three . Power supply type: 220 V / 380V、50Hz . four . The electric valve plate ventilator can open or close the valve plate according to the use requirements. The guide plate ventilator is normally open and cannot be closed.
NST series ventilators ( Air tower ) Calculated value of exhaust air volume (M3) / h . m) ( u = 0 . eighty-four )
Note: the calculation conditions of the exhaust reference values listed above are: the outdoor temperature is set at 20 ℃; Acceleration of gravity 9 . 8m / s2; Outdoor average wind speed 1 . 2m / s; The orifice discharge coefficient is 0 . 84。
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