How to determine the position of natural ventilator

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If the fan runs continuously for 3-6 months, it is better to replace the grease once to cover 2 / 3 of the bearing space of the unpowered fan. The importance of determining the installation position of unpowered ventilator the unpowered ventilator must be injected with calcium sodium base grease or molybdenum disulfide grease into the bearing with grease platform after continuous operation for about one month.
1. For the unused standby fan or the fan that has been out of service for a long time, the rotor should be rotated 120 ° to 180 ° regularly to avoid bending of the main shaft. Add a valve at the inlet or outlet of the unpowered fan on the roof, close it when starting, and open the valve after operation until the specified working condition is reached, and the inner ring and shaft are tightened together.
2. The unpowered ventilator shall be maintained regularly to eliminate the dust and dirt inside the fan.
3. In case of abnormal environment, including temperature, vibration, noise, etc., during the startup, shutdown or operation of unpowered roof fan, inspection shall be conducted immediately.
4. The V-belt is often kept in a symmetrical and tight state by using the regulating device, which can not be too loose or too tight. The length of several V-belts should be the same.